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2014-25 Food Benefits calculator

September 23, 2014 (posted by Jodie Berger)

The new Calculator, with all it’s 200% FPL glory, is posted on the guide’s website.  ICheck out the cool new “more info” links that jump you to the definitions AND the food benefits guide webpage.  Thanks Jessica Bartholow!  You can also find this on the “how to calculate my benefits” page.

WINS Instruction Letter Out

April 1, 2014 (posted by Jodie Berger)

DSS has issued instructions on implementing WINS, including the case computer codes.  Counties can start anytime they want, but must implement by 7/1/14.

Updated CalFresh Calculator is here!

October 25, 2013 (posted by Jodie Berger)

Here’s the updated calculator With all the latest numbers!  Please note the tabs on the bottom, as there is one for October and one for November with the cuts from the loss of ARRA funding.

WINS CalFresh supplement program is getting underway!

September 11, 2013 (posted by Jodie Berger)

Instructions are out on the WINS CalFresh supplemental payments for CalFresh families, not on CalWORKs, with  minor children who meet federal TANF work participation rules.  Program will be fully up and running by 7/1/14.

FNS approves an “on-demand” interview waiver

June 17, 2013 (posted by Jodie Berger)

FNS approved a waiver of the requirement that applicants and people recertifying get a set appointment.  The waiver only applies for call-center counties.  Clients can call anytime during a 10 day window to get their application or recertification interview. If they don’t call, they will get a “NOMI” (notice of missed interview) notice, to call and set an appointment (in person or phone) to complete the process.  Individuals who are screened at application as eligible for Expedited Services will not go this route.  Instructions to follow….

New Food Stamp Calculator

January 30, 2013 (posted by Jodie Berger)

Here’s the 2013 CalFresh Calculator, including the new LIHEAP benefits/automatic SUA provisions.  For the October 2013 version, please contact Jessica Bartholow until we are able to post the new doc on this site (after 10/9/13).

SNAP and Work

January 30, 2013 (posted by Jodie Berger)

We all know that food benefits help low income households fight hunger. California Buget Policies and Priorities has issued a new report on how SNAP benefits also help support work efforts, and that this role has increased substantially in recent years. View the full report or the executive summary.

SNAP Online: A Review of State Government SNAP Websites

January 11, 2013 (posted by Jodie Berger)

The Center on Budget Policies and Priorities has issued this paper with links to the addresses for each state’s SNAP web pages, and also provides an overview of the types of information and services that states provide. Comes with analysis of policy areas for advocacy, if your state is lacking.  Click here for California.

Quartlerly Reporting extension granted

December 17, 2012 (posted by Jodie Berger)

FNS recently approved a waiver to permit California to continue with the Quarterly Reporting system, until the end of September. Counties must implement semi-annual reporting by 10/1/13.

SNAP Food Benefit Formula Insufficient

December 6, 2012 (posted by Jodie Berger)

A new FRAC Report finds that the SNAP “Thrifty Food Plan” formula is seriously inadequate. The Thrifty Food Plan has its roots in the 1930s. SNAP benefits are calculated using the Thrifty Food Plan, which is the lowest of four cost plans and has its origins in one that was developed for short-term or emergency use.