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108. California food stamp regulations

All links are to the Manual of Policies and Procedures (MPP) published by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), which includes California’s regulatory “Food Stamp Manual” in Division 63, Chapters 63-001 through 63-1436. The Manual of Policies and Procedures also includes in Division 16 the Electronic Benefit Transfer System Manual with the California regulations governing its EBT system.

Unfortunately, these online regulations are posted in a very “user-unfriendly” way: The Food Stamp Manual has no index; the CDSS site provides no keyword search function for searching specific regulations; the regulations are broken down into relatively large PDF files, typically in 50-75 page blocks; and while there is a detailed “table of contents” at the beginning of each major chapter, each chapter’s beginning does not always coincide with the beginning of one of the PDF page blocks listed below. For example, Chapter 200 does not begin until page 51 of the block containing Sections 63-100 through 63-207. As a result, there is no practical way to link to specific sections or subsections of these regulations. (However, if you download and then open any of the PDF files linked below, you can use the search function within Adobe Reader to locate specific keywords within each file.)

Note: The federal Food Stamp Act requires annual cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) to allotments, eligibility standards and certain deductions. The annual COLAs are effective from October 1 to September 30. CDSS sends the annual updates in August via All County Letter.

Sections 63-100 ~ 63-207

General Provisions
General Purpose and Scope 101
Definitions Program Terms 102
Definitions Forms 103
Administrative Authorities 104
Coupons as Obligations, Crimes and Offenses 105
Complaint Procedures 106
Demonstration, Research, Evaluation Projects 107
Benefit Reduction, Suspension or Cancellation Procedures 108
Program Requirements 200
General Terms and Conditions 201
Program Administration and Personnel Requirements 202
Nondiscrimination Compliance 203
Program Monitoring Systems 204
Location and Hours of Operation of Certification and Issuance Services 205
Liabilities 206
Program Informational Activities 207

Sections 63-300 ~ 63-301

Application Process
Application Processing Time Standards 301

Sections 63-401 ~ 63-405

Eligibility Standards
Residency 401
Household Concept 402
California Food Assistance Program (CFAP) 403
Social Security Numbers 404
Citizenship or Eligible Noncitizen Status 405

Sections 63-406 ~ 63-411

Work Registration 407
Voluntary Quit and Reduction of Work Effort 408
Income and Resource Maximums 409
Food Stamp Work Requirement for Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs) 410
CFAP Work Requirements 411

Section 63-501

Eligibility Determinations
Resource Determination 501

Section 63-502

Income, Exclusions and Deductions 502

Section 63-503

Determining Household Eligibility
and Benefit Levels – 503
Month of Application 0.1
Determining Resources, Income and Deductions 0.2
Calculating Net Income and Benefit Levels 0.3
Households with Special Circumstances 0.4
Households with Self-Employment Income 0.41
Households with Boarders 0.42
Destitute Households 0.43
Treatment of Income and Resources of Excluded Members 0.44

Sections 63-503 (cont’d) ~ 63-504

Determining Household Eligibility
and Benefit Levels – 503 (cont’d)
Nonhousehold Members 0.45
Residents of Shelters for Battered Women 0.46
Residents of Drug/Alcoholic Treatment and Rehab. Programs 0.47
Residents of Group Living Arrangements Who Receive Title II 0.48
Households with Sponsored Noncitizens 0.49
Failure to Comply with Another Assist. Program’s Requirement 0.5
Homeless Food Stamp Households 0.6
Certified Monthly Reporting Households Applying for Aid in a New County 0.7
Household Certification 504
Certification Periods 0.1
Notice of Action 0.2
Monthly Reporting 0.3

Sections 63-504 (cont’d) ~ 63-507

Household Certification (cont’d) – 504
Effecting Changes for Nonmonthly Reporting Households 0.4
Procedures for Households Changing Their Reporting and Budgeting Status 0.5
Recertification of All Households 0.6
Identification Cards 0.7
Photo ID Cards/Systems 0.8
Household Responsibilities 505
Excluded Resources and/or Income of Native American or Alaska Natives 5.6
Resources and/or Income Excluded by other Federal Laws 5.7

Sections 63-601 ~ 63-708

Coupon Insurance, Use and Replacement – 600
County Welfare Department Responsibilities 601
Insurance Systems 602
Replacement Issues 603
Use or Redemption of Coupons by Eligible Households 604

Sections 63-800 ~ 63-805

Corrective Actions – 800
Claims against Households 801
Restoration of Lost Benefits 802
Repealed 803
State Hearings 804
Intentional Program Violation Disqualifications 805

Sections 63-900 ~ 63-1002

Emergency Food Stamp Assistance in Disasters 900

Sections 63-1101 ~ 63-1102

Tables of Coupon Assistance 1101
Coupon Book Determination 1102

Sections 63-1200 ~ 63-1436

Forms 1200
Court Cases 1300
Implementation of Regulations 1400

Division 16:
Electronic Benefit Transfer System Manual

General 1
EBT Account 100
EBT Benefits 200
Benefit Transaction 300
Settlement, Reconciliation, and Reporting 400
EBT Card and PIN 500
Training 600
Adjustments 700
EBT Fraud and Suspected Violations 800